Household PV Roof

  • Residential roof: single or multi orientation of roof Solution: Small, safe and reliable string inverter solution, let smart PV into thousands of households
  • Industrial and Commercial Rooftop PV Power Station:

  • Large industrial rooftops: warehouses, large industrial complexes, or public buildings
  • Medium industrial roof: schools, shopping malls, hospitals, small factories etc Solution: Intelligent operation and maintenance system solution; Reasonable utilization of roof to increase revenue
  • Household PV Roof

  • pplication of complex terrain: complex terrain, rolling hills etc Solution: Multi-channel MPPT string inverters solution to solve the orientation inconsistent problem and shelter in morning and night
  • The application of PV on lake, PV on agriculture: High humidity, high protection requirement for electrical system Solution: IP65 protection + flexible cluster installation solution to adapt the special installation environment